Vinyl Sports Lettering

Vinyl is a cost effective alternative to embroidery! This soft applique is made of a stretchable, plastic-like material that can easily be adhered to most fabrics with a heat set process. Vinyl is perfect for clean and simple block lettering.

Crisp Quality

Computerized cutting give very crisp edges of print and bold lettering.

Soft and Flexible

Vinyl is a tough material that can withstand the wear and tear from sports and physical activity while remaining intact and comfortable.

Classic sports team look

Sports teams of all levels use vinyl lettering for their uniforms. It is an instantly recognizable design option.

no setup fees

There is no initial setup just design and print.

big print and many colors

Vinyl Transfers give very solid colors and all popular team colors are available.


Vinyl can be printed on Cotton, Polyester, blended and even mesh garments.


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